Monday, March 15, 2010

TV Tuesday: Greek

*Spoiler Alert*

Damn this show for making me cry! I knew about halfway through that I wouldn't like where it was going and that it would make me sad. I'm not sure if that means the writing was too heavy handed or if I just watch too much TV.

However, there was some great stuff before the crying! Rusty can't decide who he wants to date, Dana or Katherine. I'm not sure if he made the right choice in the end, but this is Greek, so I doubt its set in stone anyway.

Calvin helping Evan get over Rebecca was great, especially their interaction with Dale. Dale is always fantastic comic relief ("I'm not a lovey dovey Christian!). If you'd have told me during 1st season that I'd one day root for Evan Chambers, I wouldn't have believed you, but I am. As long as he doesn't try to break up Casey and Cappie anymore.

And now that I've mentioned Casey and Cappie, we can talk about the crying part. Greek has been leading us to this episode for a while now, probably the whole season. Casey and Cappie are back together, but this doesn't mean they don't have problems. Cappie is still the class clown who wants to stay in college and party with the KTs forever. Casey is still the practical girl who wants to have a real adult life after college.

It all comes to a head in this episode with the arrival of Cappie's parents (his mother is played brilliantly by Lea Thompson). Casey finally gets a glimpse into the nomadic lifestyle that has made Cappie who he is. His parents encourage him to stay in school as long as he likes, as long as he's happy there since they believe in doing what you want regardless of the path society tells you you should take. Its also apparent that the Kappa Tau house is the place Cappie has called home the longest in his life, and he doesn't want to leave it.

When Cappie's mother tells Casey that she and Cappie's father are splitting up, she tells Casey "some love stories are short stories." At the end of the episode, Casey tells Cappie she's through trying to change him and they'll just tackle the future when May arrives. We see Casey's real decision though when she gets home to the ZBZ house and Ashley: she's come to the realization that she and Cappie's love story is just a short story and they have no future past college. She hugs Ashley and cries and so do I. Kudos to Spencer Grammer and Amber Stevens for playing this scene so well.

I have to applaud the writers for taking a couple that we rooted for so long and have you convinced that they won't last forever. They've done a great job of enforcing it over this season. I don't know how its going to end, especially since the show got picked up for one more 10 episode run, and the writers are intentionally writing towards the end they want. There's still a huge part of me that wants it to end like a fairy tale, with Casey and Cappie riding off into the sunset, but I now think I could be comfortable if that doesn't happen.

All I know is, we better find out Cappie's real name!

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