Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Tuesday: The Big Bang Theory

Beware: Spoilers!

Last night's episode of the Big Bang Theory had some very funny moments, but it wound up as the type of comedy that I just can't take. More on that at the end, but it wasn't the only problem I had with the episode. Basic plot: Sheldon is receiving an award from the university, has horrible stage fright which makes him not want to accept it, and the guys and Penny try to help him overcome it.

First off, I felt like Sheldon's stage fright was merely a convenient plot device. He's shown no indication in the past that he had any trouble in the spotlight, not when he and Leonard fought over who would present their joint paper or when he was jealous of the child prodigy at the university. So the whole premise didn't jive for me.

My favorite bit was Penny helping Sheldon buy a suit, but the rest of the segments with his friends "helping" him were only moderately funny. I generally love Leonard but this episode insisted on hitting us over the head with the fact that his mother didn't hug him enough and he's bitter about it, contrasted with Sheldon's crazy, but loving mother. The bit where Raj tried to help Sheldon through visualization was humorous, but forgettable.

The climax of the episode was the worst bit for me. Penny gives Sheldon a couple drinks before he accepts his award, which leads to a drunk Sheldon doing a standup routine with math and science jokes and songs about the elements. I'm sure some people loved this and I can admit that its funny in theory, but I'm one of these people who gets embarrassed for characters when they humiliate themselves and so I spent the whole time with my hand on the mute button, fighting the urge to hit it.

The end, though, when Leonard and Penny show hungover Sheldon the video of his performance, complete with him taking off his pants and mooning the crowd, was the best part of the entire episode. I love Sheldon, but something's gotta keep him humble, even if its shameful Youtube videos of his naked rear end.

I'm planning a post on my New Orleans trip, so look for that soon!

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