Monday, March 29, 2010

Its a Very Special Post: Twilight Fan writes to Advice Column

I saw this article on Twilight Examiner about a Twilight fan who wrote into the LA Times advice columnist seeking some direction on her Twilight obsession. You can read the whole letter here.

I think there is some outrage going on around Twitter that feel like the advice columnist was way off base in advising this woman to seek counseling. On the surface, it may seem like Amy is saying that any obsession with Twilight is unhealthy.

I'll confess that after reading through the letter carefully, though, I have to side with the advice columnist. And this quote is why:

I'm so sorry I don't have the same type of love that this character has for the female character. I have been depressed about this.

To me, this is where it goes from fairly harmless fandom into something more intense. I love Twilight, and there was a time when I was certainly obsessed with it. I'm still fairly involved in the fandom, and have made some fantastic and lasting friendships because of it.

However, when your obsession of choice (and most people have them, whether its doll collecting or sports or growing your own herbs) begins to make you feel depressed, then I say professional counseling is in order. True depression is nothing to trifle with. I think the Twilight fans see this as an attack on Twilight, but I think, in reality, it has nothing to do with Twilight specifically, but with this woman being confused about her life.

As the daughter of a manic depressive and the friend of several people who have battled depression, I urge anyone who thinks they may be suffering from depression to seek help, regardless of what made them think so. Its the words that this woman uses that's important, not the fact that she's a Twilight fan.

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