Friday, July 30, 2010

Awkward Polar Bears & Awesome Mancandy: 1.11 & 1.12

1.11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues - Hey, its another 'Jack's Dad is a douchecanoe' episode! Really, the episode dealt with the search for Claire and Charlie, who have been kidnapped by Tom Cruise's Creepy Brother (turns out William Mapother is Tom's cousin, but just go with it). Peppered throughout though, we get flashbacks to a situation where Jack intervened in a surgery because his father was drunk and the woman died. Now, the writers obviously tried to make these two plotlines fit together because the woman was pregnant and Jack couldn't save her. Claire is pregnant and in danger, so Jack makes with the crazy in order to find her. Instead, all he finds is a mostly dead Hobbit. Grade: B
  • Michael's whining about being included is annoying. If I were him, I'd be thrilled to hang out at the caves and not go off to be fodder for The Thing in the Jungle.
  • I laughed out loud when Boone explained the concept of a Red Shirt. How does Locke not know that?
  • Walt had another dad named Brian, so I guess we'll be getting that flashback at some point.
  • I was curious about how long Charlie had been dead when Kate and Jack found him. I know brain damage is present after a few scant minutes without oxygen, but I guess this is tv, people die and are brought back perfectly healthy all the time.
  • Charlie hanging in the tree was creepy as hell, though, and I'm curious as to why he was blindfolded. I'm guessing there had to be someone other than Ethan around to prompt that.
  • I've heard talk of the infamous hatch, so I'm guessing that's what Boone and Locke found. Time will tell.
1.12 Whatever the Case May Be - Boring Kate helped a bank robber, Sawyer took off his shirt, and I don't remember much after that. Except Kate wanted the case cause there was a toy in it she needed. I'm guessing so that at some point in the future, she can take her toys and go home. Grade: C
  • Sawyer: I was protecting you! Kate: From what? Southern perverts? Hee.
  • The dead bodies in the swimming hole were creeptastic! Still, it made no sense to me how the marshal checked his case and then it somehow wound up underneath these dead people's seat. Must have been because the script said so.
  • I was annoyed by Kate telling Sawyer he was disgusting for scavenging the bodies. For one thing, it wasn't like she didn't know Sawyer's MO, and for another, I can't say I blame him. If I'm stranded on a frakking deserted island, I'm going to do what I have to to survive. The dead guy can't use what he's got on him, so its fair game, as far as I'm concerned. 
  • I love Sawyer, and despite his asshole tendencies, he's too awesome for Boring Kate. I got the impression that his whole determination to get open the case was to impress her and figure out what she wanted out of there. 
  • Witness my not surprise that Kate dated a bank robber. 
  • Sun overheard Kate and Jack talking about the guns, so I wonder if that will come up later. 
  • Kate trying to take the case from between sleeping Sawyer's knees was one of the most idiotic things she's done. No idea how she thought he'd sleep through that, but then again, I'm beginning to realize that I can't apply logic to anything Kate does. Boring and Badly Written Kate.
I decided to start grading the episodes too, so look for that. More next week!

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