Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awkward Polar Bears & Awesome Mancandy: Solitary & Raised By Another

Solitary continues the line of 'lets give each character a background through flashbacks' episodes, this time focusing on Sayid.  Though I'm a little exhausted with every episode focusing on a different character, I was really drawn into the story of Sayid and Nadia. I'm pretty curious about what happened to Sayid after he freed Nadia, since he hasn't found her and somehow wound up in Australia.
  • Tom Cruise's Creepy Brother (aka William Mapother, but who the hell actually calls him anything besides Tom Cruise's Creepy Brother?) is playing Ethan Rom, therefore I know Ethan is probably evil and creepy (see how being Tom Cruise's Creepy Brother works?).
  • Favorite Exchange - Michael: Polar bears? Charlie: You didn't hear about the polar bear?
  • I loved Hurley building the golf course. I'd heard via various interwebz things that Hurley is pretty much the Everyman character, the normal guy who represents the audience, needs explanations, etc and I thought this was a great moment for him.
  • I liked Sawyer making an effort to be part of the group, even if it was a little bit at Jack's expense. Jack didn't seem to care until he wondered (as I did) whether Sawyer's effort was simply about Kate. I want to like Sawyer in spite of his behavior. Josh Holloway is so ridiculously good looking and charismatic that its hard work to remember his asshole behavior.
  • I haven't mentioned the subplot with Sayid and the French woman, but that's cause it was just so vague that I didn't care about it much. So she's been there for years, and there are "Others" out there. 
Raised by Another is the Very Special Claire Flashback episode, but I found that it raised some interesting questions about what may actually happen on the island, unlike Sayid's or Sawyer's. The first few flashback scenes were predictable, but it really picked up when she went to the psychic.
  • Creepy Locke eyes in Claire's nightmare! I couldn't help but think this was foreshadowing, sense I've always found Locke fairly creepy (though not as much so as Tom Cruise's Creepy Brother).
  • Claire's Baby Daddy is a douchecanoe and I hope we never see him again. Unless its for Sawyer to beat him up. Or Jack can, I'm not really picky.
  • So Psychic Wonder clearly wanted Claire to be on the flight that crashed. My question at the end was: did he want her on that flight because he knew it would crash and thought that it would kill the child or did he know that Claire and the baby would end up on the island? Which was his goal in putting her on that particular flight?
  • My first inkling that something was up with Ethan was when Hurley failed to ask him as many questions as he did the others. Then when Charlie sent him to get Jack, my spidey sense was majorly tingling. The episode ended with Ethan there with Charlie and Claire and Hurley saying that one of the island's inhabitants was not on the manifest. I'm guessing we're supposed to wonder if that person is Ethan, but I think it could be more interesting if it weren't. 
  • I totally wanted to keep going after this episode with the cliffhanger, but I thought it might be more interesting to get all my theories blogged about before the next episode answered any of my questions.
More later in the week!

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