Monday, April 11, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 2.17 "Know Thy Enemy"


Alternate title for this episode - the one where everyone double crosses Team Salvatore. Except Uncle Daddy John. *mind boggles*

Recap, Quick and Dirty: Isobel blows back into town, gets Jenna pissed at Alaric & Elena, double crosses everyone, turns Katherine, the moonstone & Alaric over to Klaus' warlock. She also makes sure Klaus knows where Elena is, before committing suicide by sunshine in front of her horrified daughter. Presumably, she was under compulsion for the majority of these acts. Bonnie, Damon, and Jeremy go to the site of the witches fiery demise so that Bonnie can harness her power. Its revealed that the power it will take for her to kill Klaus will likely kill her. Caroline searches everywhere for Matt, and when she finally tells him the truth about what's been happening, he demands she compel him to forget everything. Only then do we find out he's working with Sheriff!Mom and told her everything Caroline told him. The final twist was that Alaric was kidnapped by Isobel & the (white!) warlock in order to be possessed by Klaus. We leave off with Klaus-in-Alaric having custody of the moonstone and Kat.

Best Quotes:
Damon: Don't mistake the fact that we haven't set you on fire in your sleep for trust.

Damon: I'll be super pissed if you lock me out.

Observations, Theories, and Questions:
Why was there a house built on top of where the witches were burned? Surely the house wasn't there when they burned them.

The soap dish, Damon, really? That was either really smart or really freaking dumb, I'm not sure.

How much did Caroline tell Matt? Just about her vampire experience or about Damon, Stefan, etc? If the sheriff does know about Stefan and Damon, will the council now come after them or will they manage to get Liz & Matt on Team Salvatore?

I think a lot of people probably liked Angry Matt but I was just really frustrated with his betrayal of Caroline. Intellectually, I can understand his motivation, but my love for Caroline colors my view of his and the sheriff's alliance.

Will killing Klaus kill Bonnie? Obviously in her mind, the havoc that would be wreaked by Klaus & other vamps being able to walk in the day is worth giving her life.

Isobel's death was kind of heartbreaking, even though she wasn't a good guy. We may never know if she would have betrayed Elena and Katherine on her own or if she was a victim of Klaus more than her own evil.

I don't want to like Uncle John but David Anders forces me to some times. His telling Elena why he wanted to believe in Isobel and volunteering to do whatever Elena wanted was such a genuine moment for him. I'm guessing they'll make us like him just in time for him to sacrifice himself for his daughter.

I didn't see the whole Alaric possession thing coming AT ALL. However, it makes sense if Klaus is looking to get close to Team Salvatore and figure out how to get Elena. From the preview for next week though, the possession doesn't remain a secret for long. I'm terribly afraid that getting Klaus out of Alaric will kill him, and I'd hate to lose Matt Davis, but all signs point to Alaric checking out by end of season.

Weird theory: we know that an actor was cast for Klaus and we've seen an episode still of him, in period garb, obviously a flashback, so now I wonder if the actor will ever play Klaus in the modern time or if its possible that will be the flashback Klaus only and Alaric/Klaus will be around for a while. Also, is the possession of Alaric a recent idea from Team Klaus or does Alaric have a past with them that we (and perhaps he) doesn't know about?

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