Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm a Bad, Bad Blogger...

So its been three weeks since I last posted, so no cookie for me. Really, no cookie, because I gave up chocolate for Lent and there are these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies sitting at home tormenting me until Sunday when I can have one if they're still good.

So anyway, crafting has been interesting the past few weeks. After completing the baby blanket I last posted about, I spent some time learning to knit. Then I started on a prayer shawl for a friend's mother. I spent the next few weeks starting that shawl in different patterns and ripping it back out. I've finally gotten so frustrated with it that I've put it away for a while.

Right now I'm knitting up some dishcloths in cotton yarn. Its good practice on simple patterns that a beginner like me can understand. I've got several friends who wanted dishcloths when they saw me knitting one, so I guess they'll be gifts.

My next project is going to be learning to knit socks. I decided I wanted to learn after listening to Lime & Violet talk about how great sock knitting is, so I bought a book on Amazon called Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. Its a great book and I think I understand the directions well enough. Now I just have to practice on some cheapo yarn so I can learn the mechanics and get used to double pointed needles. Shelby and I bought nice sock yarn (Koigu) when I went to visit her in Fayetteville, so I'm saving that for when I know what I'm doing.

So I think that's the big update on all I've been working on. Peace, Love, and Obama...

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  1. I'm going to knit some socks too. Very soon, I think.