Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There are Works In Progress, and then there's just Work...

So here's what crochet projects I'm currently working on:
Baby blanket for a baby shower on Monday (gotta get hopping on that one!). It's got a center panel in afghan stitch (Simply Soft off white) and I'm adding an edge of sc in Mint Green.

Prayer shawl for friend. Its a simple V-stitch pattern I'm doing double stranded in Simply Soft Heathers Deep Teal. Hope to have it finished as soon as I finish the baby blanket.

Rectangles for charity. I'm doing some rectangles for the troops. You can find the charities website at: All the finished afghans go to wounded troops. Hopefully that will clear out all my Super Saver. I'm also doing some rectangles in Simply Soft for Warm Up America:

This is also what we used to call Hell Week in college. Back then it was because we had three tests and a paper in the same week. Now its because I have hundreds of test cases to write by Friday and two projects testing at the same time next week. But that's how it goes. That's why they pay me, I suppose.

Happy Stitching!

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